f-Market MINI

f-Market MINI represents a perfect tool for starting your own online business. It helps you to launch your e-shop quickly and easily. The setup assistant guides you through the most important settings to get your shop and website ready to go.  Gain new customers through internet with f-Market MINI today!

f-Market MINI contains a complete system for processing your orders, customer data, products and catalogues and your e-shop management (back office). It contains customizable templates for your e-shop design. You can upload in it up to 1 000 products and 100 galleries.

f-Market MINI offers 5 GB of web space, useful marketing tools for your e-shop optimization, SSL security and visitors statistics.


Maximum number of products 1 000
Image galleries 100
Appointment and booking functionality 10
Language 1
Currencies 2
Minimum order value
Product comparison
Creating of invoices, packing slips and credit notes
Shopping basket with discount
Mobile version for smartphones
Facebook shop
Price - addition for hosting 126,00152,463.180,-3.848,-
Price - hosting (f-market + e-mail) 138,00166,983.480,-4.211,-
Price - package (domain + f-market + e-mail) 144,00174,243.600,-4.356,-


SSL encryption secures your e-shop against abuse. It protects the sensitive data during their transmission while processing orders and online payments. Your customers will appreciate the security which your e-shop provides.


The setup assistant helps you to create, design and organize your e-shop. The back office management is simple and intuitive. From dealing with your orders to sending newsletters to customers - the control of your online store is effortless and comfortable.


The customizable templates provide a wide range of designer skins. Use them and just add your own images, logos and texts to personalize your e-shop. Everything can be changed at any time. The professionals can use the HTML editor.

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